Stained Glass Care


Hang your suncatcher securely from a hook, nail or anchor and run your hardware into a secure material, like a wall, ceiling or a wooden window frame.

I do not recommend using suction cups as those are not reliable and your piece could easily fall and break into pieces.



The stained glass piece you have purchased has been cleaned then completely protected with a wax sealant and buffed to a high shine.

If it needs to be cleaned, you can simple dust it or wipe it gently with a soft dry or damp cloth and, especially if the cloth has been dampened with hard water, dab it dry. I don’t recommend to using any window cleaner or anything that contains ammonia, vinegar or acid based cleanser. This may damage the painted design, solder, glass and compromise the integrity of the object.

If you wish to put the luster back to your piece, carnauba car wax works great!


Solder care

The metal and solder used in stained glass, tend to naturally oxidize over time. The wax sealant applied to your new piece, slow down this process.

If you notice any discoloration or oxidation devoloping along soldering, you can remove it with a wet q-tip.

Do not use steel wool or any abrasive product; this will remove the special black or copper finish applied to solder lines and could also damage the painted details.


Enjoy your new glass art!